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This pack of high quality Duct Tape contains a 10 metre roll that is durable, strong and waterproof. Each roll is perfect for everyday DIY repairs around the house and adheres to most surfaces including concrete, metal, wood, rubber, nylon and plastic.
This set of Epoxy Glue contains two 10ml tubes of resin, two 10ml tubes of hardener and two handy spatulas for easy application The epoxy glue is exceptionally strong making them brilliant at quickly bonding materials including Glass, Wood, Plastics, Concrete and many more. This glue sets in just 5 minutes leaving a clear finish
This pack of Draught Excluder Tape contains three rolls of tape that each measure a total of 4.5 metres in length. Each roll of tape is constructed from self-adhesive weatherproof foam tape, making it ideal for protecting windows and doors from draughts. The tape can seal gaps up to 3-5mm.
This pack of Assorted Grit Sandpaper Sheets contains fifteen individual sheets of sandpaper that are suitable for sanding most surfaces around the home. Each pack contains a mixture of Coarse (60), Medium (100) and Fine (150) that will cover most aspects of painting and decorating, and surface preparation.
This pack of zinc plated Assorted Flat Head Nails contains two hundred and fifty nails that feature a round flat head, and suitable for a wide range of DIY tasks within the home. Each pack contains: • Nine 61mm nails • Thirteen 49mm nails • Twenty three 37mm nails • Sixty eight 24mm nails • One hundred and thirty seven 11.5mm nails Ideal for framing and fencing applications.
This easy-to-use Condensation Drip Strip is self-adhesive and absorbs moisture and condensation runs from windows. Each strip is 2 metres in length and is perfect for protecting window sills, walls and floors within the home.
This pack of Radiator Keys contains two brass plated keys that have a valve size of 5mm x 5mm. Suitable for most wall mounted radiators.
This set of Wire Brushes contains three individual brushes that are perfect for removing stubborn dirt, old paint and rust. Each pack contains brushes with nylon, steel and copper bristles and feature two assorted head lengths.
This Bungee Cord is made from strong, hard wearing material that is extra long for a higher load capability. Each pack contains one bungee cord measuring 1.8m in length, with a max load weight of up to 30kg.
This extra strong Fabric Glue is easy to apply and bonds quickly to most fabrics including leather, cotton, suede and synthetic. This glue provides a simple alternative to needle and thread for sewing and hemming. Each tube contains 50ml of fabric glue.
This pack of Comfort Grip Scissors contains two pairs of scissors in two assorted sizes. Each pair of scissors feature stainless steel cutting blades and is complete with comfortable rubber grip handles. Idea for general use around the home.
This handy pack of Curtain Wire contains 4 metres of expanding wire and is complete with sixteen nickel plated steel hooks and eyes.

The wire can easily be cut to size to suit individual requirements and is perfect for hanging net curtains and voiles.
This dual hanging Over the Door Hook is easy to install over doors without the need for drilling and screws. Each hook features a gleaming chrome finish and is perfect for hanging clothes and coats.
Insulated Screwdriver Set - 4 Pack
Paint Roller Set - 7"
Ratchet Tie Down Strap 15ft
Spring Clamp Set - 8 Pack
Assorted Sandpaper Sheets - 20 Pack
Paint Brush Set - 5 Pack
LED Push Lights - 2 Pack
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